About us

Our Story

ArtSea was founded in 2020 by a bunch of creative newcomers. An artisan artist Lana, and two guys from hi-tech. Since we moved into our new apartment, we have always wanted to decorate it with beautiful art but everything we looked for was either industrially produced or came from expensive galleries.

One day we found a local masterful artisan artist Lana who was hosting art classes. So we decided to check it out. Within the first session, we created a beautiful masterpiece. In fact, it was so gorgeous we could not believe we made it without any previous drawing experience. We proudly used the artwork to decorate our space and are always excited to showcase it to our guests and tell the story around it.

A couple of sessions in and a few more amazing creations for our space, the idea of ArtSea came to life.

So What is ArtSea?
ArtSea is a place where people create an incredible art masterpiece with their own hands, creativity, and emotions, but under a professional artist's delicate guidance.

Our Mission

To enable anyone to decorate and spice-up their home or office space with magnificent art that tells their own story in an original and exclusive way.

Our Essence

ArtSea operates on imagination, creativity, quality, inclusivity, and love. Our number one priority is to help you create unforgettable memories.

Our Vision

We deliver cheerful and diverse art & craft workshops, new and fun experiences that help our customers spice-up their space and special occasions.

Our Vibe

We make magic a reality. We imagine and then create it - together, with love and passion - every time, without exceptions.

Our Team


Co-founder & Artist Instructor

Moscow Art-Industrial Institute

I am an abstract painting artist and work in experimental techniques of intuitive drawing. With over eight years of experience as a workshops instructor, I believe that everyone can draw. Just let yourself be creative.


Artist Instructor

Student at Shenkar, Tel Aviv

I inspire people to be creative. For me, the most important thing is to see how they open up during the creative process. I teach people to dream and make dreams come true through creativity.