Fluid Acrylic Art (Pouring) Workshop

This is a group workshop in our studio


349.00 NIS – 449.00 NIS per person



About this experience

Fluid Art is a contemporary form of abstract art that uses acrylic paints with a runny consistency. You will unfold your creativity and imagination by playing around with different colors, viscosities, pouring techniques, and tools. The acrylic paints seamlessly bond together to create a unique and compelling masterpiece. 

*Frame is only included for 30x40 cm version; for 50x70 cm and 61x91 cm versions the frame is sold separately. 

- 30x40 cm ₪349 (if you just want to try) 
- 50x70 cm ₪449 (recommended) 
- 61x91 cm ₪599 (the bigger the better): out of stock

Drying time: 2-7 days. 

VAT (מע"מ) included.